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Chamomile Mint Tea

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Filled with antioxidants, The Yuva Soul Chamomile mint tea is a great soother after a long tiring day. Made from dried Chamomile flowers and fresh Spearmint leaves, the Chamomile Mint tea helps in relaxing the mind and body and induces sound sleep. The antibacterial properties of the tea help relieve a sore throat and reduce stress. 

Ingredients: Whole chamomile flowers and fresh spearmint leaves

Chamomile Mint Health Benefits:

Caffeine content: Zero

Origin of tea:  Himalayan foothills, India 

Brewing Guide:

Storage instructions: Always keep the tea leaves in an airtight container. Keep them away from sunlight in a cool, dark, and dry environment.

About Yuva Soul: At Yuva Soul we want to bridge the gap between ancient remedies and practices with the modern hustle of life. Our herbal powders and teas bring the benefits of these remedies in a manner that is easy to use.


Whole chamomile flowers and fresh spearmint leaves

How to use

Step 1 - Take a cup of hot water
Step 2 - Drop 1 teaspoon of Tea Leaves into the hot Water
Step 3 - Allow the concoction to steep for 3 mins
Step 4 - Strain out the Tea Leaves
Step 5 - Enjoy your cup of Herbal Goodness!


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Yuva soul prides itself for its Finest curation of natural, healthy and enriching teas with miraculous benefits. Made from naturally sourced ingredients, these tasteful teas elevates the spirits and adds wellness to your routines.