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Here's a combined product description for the Moringa Mint and Tulsi Lemongrass teas:

Moringa-Mint and Tulsi Lemongrass Tea:
Immerse yourself in the fusion of vitality and tranquility with our unique blend, the Yuva Soul Invigorating Moringa-Mint and Tulsi Lemongrass Tea. Crafted with the finest dried leaves of the Moringa Oleifera plant and the zest of the spearmint tree, this tea is a powerhouse of protein and naturally occurring amino acids, ensuring you stay energized and rejuvenated throughout the day.

The addition of Spearmint refreshes your senses, while the harmonious blend with Tulsi Lemongrass Ginger introduces a uniquely powerful mix of antibacterial properties that combat infections and alleviate symptoms of cold and cough, especially in the winter months.

This specially formulated tea is not just a drink, but a wellness experience, offering the benefits of blood pressure regulation, weight loss support, and mood enhancement. Moreover, it holds the potential to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Savor the freshness of mint, the soothing touch of tulsi, the zest of lemongrass, and the warmth of ginger in every cup, and embark on a journey of well-being with our Yuva Soul Invigorating Moringa-Mint and Tulsi Lemongrass Tea


Dried leaves of moringa and spearmint and Fresh leaves of tulsi, a healthy chunk of ginger, and dried lemongrass

How to use

Step 1 - Take a cup of hot water
Step 2 - Drop 1 bag of Tea into the hot Water
Step 3 - Allow the concoction to steep for 3 mins
Step 4 - Add Sweetener/Lemon if required
Step 5 - Enjoy your cup of Herbal Goodness!


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Sip your way towards Organic & Prosperous Health!

Yuva soul prides itself for its Finest curation of natural, healthy and enriching teas with miraculous benefits. Made from naturally sourced ingredients, these tasteful teas elevates the spirits and adds wellness to your routines.