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Yuva Soul Harmony Chamomile-Mint and Slimming Tea:

Dive into a serene and invigorating experience with our special Yuva Soul Harmony Chamomile-Mint and Slimming Tea. This exceptional blend combines the calming properties of dried Chamomile flowers and fresh Spearmint leaves with the potent slimming effects of carefully selected herbs known for their weight management benefits.

Our Chamomile-Mint component is not just a tea, but a soothing elixir filled with antioxidants, designed to relax your mind and body while inducing sound sleep. The antibacterial properties also offer relief from a sore throat, reduce stress levels, and enhance your overall well-being after a long, tiring day.

On the other side, the Slimming Tea segment is crafted to support your weight loss journey effectively. By incorporating this blend into your daily routine alongside regular exercise, you can experience immediate weight loss results. The natural compounds within our selected herbs work tirelessly to burn fat and cholesterol, detoxify and purify your body, and boost your immune system, stamina, and endurance.

Together, this dual-action tea aids in regulating blood flow and enhancing metabolism, contributing to your body's overall health and harmony. Embrace the unique combination of tranquility and vitality with every cup of our Yuva Soul Harmony Chamomile-Mint and Slimming Tea, and embark on a path to a relaxed and healthier you


Garcinia, Senna Leaves & Pods, Fennel & Hibiscus Whole chamomile flowers and fresh spearmint leaves

How to use

Step 1 - Take a cup of hot water
Step 2 - Drop 1 Tea Bag of Tea into the hot Water
Step 3 - Allow the concoction to steep for 3 mins
Step 4- Add a Sweetener/ lemon if required
Step 5 - Enjoy your cup of Herbal Goodness!


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Sip your way towards Organic & Prosperous Health!

Yuva soul prides itself for its Finest curation of natural, healthy and enriching teas with miraculous benefits. Made from naturally sourced ingredients, these tasteful teas elevates the spirits and adds wellness to your routines.